AGM 2017

2017 Annual General Meeting

The 2017 AGM will be held in conjuction with the Signature Event, on May 5, 2017. Details and registration will be posted on this website. The AGM will be from approximately 12:15-12:45pm on May 5. Registration for the AGM is included with registration to signature event.



The Wild Rose Chapter of IAP2 is seeking members to serve on the Board of Directors for a two (2) year term, to begin following the Annual General Meeting scheduled for May 5, 2017.

Board service is voluntary, and all IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter members in good standing are eligible. With the exception of the Executive positions, Board members are elected as Directors at Large, and are later assigned areas of responsibility based on needs, interest and expertise.

The Chapter actively seeks to encourage participation on the Board by individuals from a variety of sectors, representing a mix of large and small companies, government, public sector, etc. Based on goals and plans reviewed annually, efforts are made to strategically identify skills and areas of expertise that are needed on the Board.

What is the time commitment?

Board meetings are generally held every 6 weeks for one hour, with the exception of July, August and December. Additionally, a full-day Board retreat is held annually (this year it will be held in June, 2017 - usually in Red Deer, AB).

Directors are expected to participate, in person or via conference call, in a minimum of 2/3 of Board Meetings within a year of each Annual General Meeting, or they will forfeit their seat on the Board.

In addition to Board meetings, responsibilities related to specific portfolios, as well as participation on committees and/or sub-committees, is required. We estimate approximately 4-6 hours a month, on average. This commitment may vary, especially with positions on the executive (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary).


There are currently two Executive positions, up to five Director at Large positions and two Youth Director positions vacant. For Directors at Large and Youth Directors, responsibility for specific portfolios or working committees will be established upon election to the Board.



The President is accountable to other Board members and the IAP2 Wild Rose Association (Chapter) membership.

Her/his primary areas of responsibility are to:

Ensure that the decisions and actions of the Board of Directors align with the Core Values of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2);
Provide oversight to the workings of the Board of Directors and set the tone and direction of the Society for the duration of her/his tenure;

Act as the primary liaison between the Society (Chapter) and the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) as well as IAP2 Canada.

Act as spokesperson and represent IAP2 Wild Rose Association (Chapter) at conferences, meetings, etc.


Vice President:

Chairs the General meetings of the Society (Chapter) in the absence of the President, as per the bylaws.

Assumes the duties of the President in her/his absence.

Develops meeting agendas and reviews draft meeting minutes in consultation with the President and Secretary.

Assists in coordinating the planning of the AGM and other non-training events.

Assists in preparing the budget for the Association (Chapter).

Heads up the Nominating Committee relative to Board member recruitment.

Takes lead and/or participates on sub-committees regarding specific initiatives, as required.

One of two individuals on the Board who act as Chapter Liaisons with IAP2 International and IAP2 Canada. This may include participating in regular conference calls with other Chapter Liaisons, attending Chapter Liaison sessions at the IAP2 North American Conference, sharing information with the rest of the Board and Chapter, and identifying items for discussion / action with other Chapters.



Promote the objects of the Society.
Promote membership in the Society.

Participate in all official Board meetings, either in person or by conference call, and contribute to discussion and ratification of all business and other agenda items of the Chapter.

Support and contribute through Board directives, all the Powers and Duties of the Board as outlined in the Bylaws.

Provide leadership and coordination of special projects of the Society, as required.

Participate in Chapter sponsored events and activities, such as the Chapter Signature Event, the Annual General Meeting and IAP2 North American Conference, IAP2 training events, and other events that may arise in the course of the elected term.

Attend and represent the Board at various events or conferences as requested.

Provide information and support all communication efforts of the Chapter as required.

Provide input into developing policies and procedures for the Chapter as required.

Take the lead and/or participate on sub-committees regarding specific initiatives, as required.


Youth Directors (2):

The IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter Board will provide opportunities for individuals aged 30 years or less who are interested in pursuing, or are just starting out in, a P2 related job or career, to participate in a non-voting capacity on the Board.
It is anticipated that up to two individuals at any one time will be able to participate in this program, with one generally representing Southern Alberta and the other representing Northern Alberta.

The position will be evaluated on an annual basis in discussion with the Board.


Duties of the position include:

Participate as a non-elected, non-voting member of the Board for the IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter.

Participate in Board meetings to learn more about Wild Rose Chapter activities.

Provide input to the Board relative to how the Chapter can better engage and build relationships with youth relative to P2.

Assist in committees and Board activities as appropriate (e.g., relative to Communications, use of Technology).

Promote membership of IAP2.

Upon request, attend and represent the Wild Rose Chapter in various events that might arise.

Assist in identifying the roles of the position, and in handing off of position to subsequent Youth Directors.


Please complete and submit the form below (including your name, contact information and interest) and/or direct all questions regarding the positions and election process to Amanda Kaiser, President, by April 3, 2017.



IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter

BOARD Interest Form 2017


Name: ________________________________________________________________


Affiliation: ______________________________________________________________


Address: ________________________________________Postal Code____________


E-mail: ____________________________


Tel: Home: ( ) ___________ Business: ( ) _____________ Fax: ( ) ____________


IAP2 Membership paid in full? _____________ Date: ____________________


Board Position/Role in which interested: _____________________________________


Please provide a short biography (half page or less), including your experience in public involvement and IAP2, as well as what experience you can bring to the position and the Board.


Submit completed form to: