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What if we give you a discount, feed you, educate and inspire you? Well, we’ve posted the program, partnered with amazing sponsors, and extended the Early Bird deadline to help you decide!

The theme of the conference this year is about finding your P2 boundaries, understanding them, then having the courage, resources and skills to push past them. Our program has been designed to help you to do just that.

If you haven't yet signed up for the IAP2 Wild Rose 2013 Signature event, you'll want to, soon! Early bird rates - more than $50 off - expire after March 28, so you'll want to book in. Register here!

IAP2 Wild Rose is both honoured and excited to present Amanda Lindhout as our keynote speaker for the 2013 Signature Event.

Calgary Coffee Klatsch Thursday, March 21

Join fellow members for a coffee and P2 chat - Final Chance to RSVP!

This will be an opportunity to grab a cup of coffee and meet up with other IAP2 WR members to network P2 practitioners, build a community of practice and discuss P2 issues, questions and ideas. Topic ideas will be discussed and decided on by participants at each session. 

2013 Signature Event 'Pushing Boundaries: What's your Edge?'

What limits do you face in your day-to-day work?  What constraints and challenges keep your good work from becoming amazing?

Over the past few days, we have had continued interest in our Request for Expression of Interest to present at the 2013 Signature Event, 'Pushing Boundaries: What's your Edge.'  

We understand that the timing of the Alberta Teacher's Convention and the Family Day long weekend has made it difficult for some potential presenters to submit a proposal before February 17th.  

As such, we are extending the submission deadline to Thursday, February 28, 2013.  

Update: Signature Event 2013

Greetings Wild Rose Members and P2 Practitioners!  We are well on our way to delivering an exciting Signature Event May 6 & 7 at the Delta Calgary South. This year's conference is all about expanding and growing! Come join us and dedicate a couple of days exploring your public participation boundaries and limits, understanding them and then having the courage, resources and skills to push past. Your hard working steering committee has a number of updates we’d like to share with you

Mark your calendar May 6-7, 2013 for the IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter's 2013 Signature Event, "Pushing Boundaries: What's your Edge?', to be held in Calgary at the Delta Calgary South. 

The 2013 Signature Event “Pushing Boundaries: What’s Your Edge?” is all about expanding and growing! Answer the following survey by January 20th and help us build a program that is relevant to you, your colleagues and the practice of P2 in 2013. The input we receive from participants will guide us in selecting popular topics as the foundation for the Signature Event.