Summer Update!

June 21st marked the Summer solstice, kicking off a season of celebrating and for those of us in Calgary, Stampeding! But, before we start the summer merriments, we wanted to share a brief update on the activities of the chapter over the last month and let you know what's ahead.

• What's in store: Learn about the various committee's goals for this term.
• New opportunities: Find out about Katie McKinnon, our new Volunteer Coordinator and how you can be involved in IAP2
• We heard you: find out the results of the membership survey including what you want to see more of.

Committees: Kicking off the year with a Bang

As many of you know, we welcomed a new board at the beginning of May and they are excited to begin working to meet the needs of our members and volunteers while empowering them to achieve their goals. Each board member was asked to assign themselves to help support one (or more) of the committees. The committees met in June and drafted Action Plans for the year ahead. The Action Plans are summarized below:

• Outreach: The purpose of the outreach committee is to connect current and potential members and partners. Their main areas of focus this year include educating members and creating meaningful opportunities for members to learn and grow their skills, and expanding on existing partnerships and growing new relationships with other organizations.

• Professional Development: Professional development's goals is to create multi-purpose events/training opportunities for professional development and networking. Their main areas of focus include exploring potential sponsorships opportunities and facilitating events that are meaningful to the members, including continuing on with the successful Coffee Klatches.
• Communications: The communications committee operates with the goal of planning, coordinating and reporting on all communications for the IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter. That includes creating meaningful content for the website, newsletters and social media accounts. Their main areas of focus include auditing the website to ensure its meeting the members' needs, facilitating the relationship between the chapter and IAP2 Canada, and working closely with the other committees to ensure their events are being communicated in a timely and relevant manner.
• Membership Committee: The membership committee aims to promote membership, contact new members to welcome them, touch base with long standing members, and follow-up with departing members. The Committee would like to introduce new member welcome events this year as well as hone the membership survey to ensure all the various committees are on target with exceeding the membership's needs.

Our New Volunteer Coordinator

IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter wouldn't be where we are today without incredible support from the bevy of volunteers we have working with us. As such, we understand the value in having a dedicated board member working to ensure the people who graciously volunteer their time for this organization have the opportunity to participate in meaningful activities, all while ensuring the committees have the support they need to achieve their goals. We are pleased to introduce Katie McKinnon as our new Volunteer Coordinator. 

Katie will be the liaison between volunteers and the respective committees and will play a valuable role in ensuring the volunteer experience is run smoothly. If you or anyone you know is interested in volunteering with the IAP2 Wild Rose chapter please reach out to

What we heard from you: The Membership survey

Earlier this year we conducted a membership survey. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. The response rate was remarkable and gave us some valuable insights into what you value and need from the organization.

Members noted how we could help them improve their public-participation skills, commented on the events we offer and listed the events they enjoy. We offer a monthly newsletter posted on the Wild Rose, IAP2, section of the website, along with Coffee Klatches and networking events.

Members also shared their strategic priorities in public participation for the next 6 - 18 months, which included an increased focus on improving facilitation practices, engaging in more conflict management training, and a renewed focus on indigenous issues and engagement best practice. Additionally we learned that, many respondents said they're eager to participate in IAP2 Canada's new certification process.

Thank you again for your feedback, it was incredibly valuable to the board in providing strategic guidance for the year ahead.

Enjoy your Summer!

'Tis the season for vacations and we hope you have fun plans in store. IAP2 Wild Rose will also be taking a break for the summer - watch for the next issue to hit your inbox in September. Be sure to follow @iap2wildrose on Facebook and Twitter for the latest chapter news and events.