P2 Safe Spaces, Registration Info, WR Social

Last Day to Register - May 2, 2017

We have had an amazing registration for the 2017 Signature Event, and we are nearly at capacity! A few spots remain, but we will be closing registration May 2. To secure your spot, register today.

To see the detailed event agenda and to register for the Signature Event visit: http://iap2canada.ca/event-2495853

Housekeeping for Registrants

If you are already registered for the event, please let us know if you will be attending the social (evening of May 4), so we can plan for numbers by participating in this doodle:  http://doodle.com/poll/63zhsae93cz3huwu 

Pipe Ceremony Protocol
For those attending the Signature Event opening pipe ceremony on May 4th, we ask that you please respect the following protocol:

For the women in attendance, please wear a long skirt (or sarong/scarf over pants), and for those on their moon cycle you may come for the teachings, but due to cultural protocols, we ask you to respectfully refrain from taking part in the pipe ceremony. Since we will be sitting for on the ground outside, please bring cushions, blankets or flat chairs to make your learning more comfortable.

Dietary Restrictions
If you have any dietary restrictions, please email info@iap2wildrosechapter.org and let us know prior to May 2, 2017.

What makes P2 a safe space?

This year's Signature Event is about exploring the concept of creating a safe space for difficult conversations through the lens of reconciliation. In our increasingly polarized and complex world, public participation processes can be filled with emotion, fears, assumptions, hope, and hesitation. As P2 practitioners, it's our responsibility to make P2 spaces safe for everyone to participate in a meaningful and respectful way.

In advance of this event, we're drawing on the collective wisdom of the IAP2 Wild Rose community to help us answer the question: "what makes a P2 space safe?"

Send us an email to info@iap2wildrosechapter.org and tell us - in 20 words or less - what are the qualities, techniques, or approaches that make a P2 space safe for everyone to have meaningful dialogue about tough topics.

Our Signature Event Sponsors

As a not-for-profit organization run exclusively by volunteers, the Signature Event depends in part on the generosity of our sponsors and organizations that consider themselves leaders in the field of public participation and indigenous engagement.

Many thanks to the organizations that stepped forward to help bring you this event - TransCanada, the Canadian Trainers Collective, ISL Engineering, Communica, and McElhanney!

Social Sponsor:

Guest Presenter Sponsor:

Program Sponsor:

Breakfast and Lunch Sponsor:

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