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IAP2 Wild Rose Signature Event

Thank you to our Sponsors!

We are pleased to announce that TransCanada and the Canadian Trainers Collective have signed on to become sponsors of the IAP2 Wild Rose Signature Event in early May!

As a not-for-profit organization run exclusively by volunteers, IAP2 Wild Rose works hard to bring our members the best value for the lowest cost.  As such, the success of the Signature Event depends in part on the generosity of our sponsors and organizations that consider themselves leaders in the field of public participation and indigenous engagement.



Social Sponsor - TransCanada

Guest Presenter Sponsor - Canadian Trainers Collective (CTC)


Program Sponsor -  ISL Engineering and Land Services

Breakfast and Lunch Sponsor - Communica

Networking Break Sponsor -  McElhanney


There are still sponsorship opportunities available, so if your company is interested in learning more about sponsorship or to become a sponsor please contact Amanda Kaiser, IAP2 Wild Rose President akaiser@islengineering .com


Don't forget to register for the Signature Event - Space is limited! - May 4/5


The IAP2 Wild Rose Signature Event is three weeks away!

This in-depth session that focuses on reconciliation between Indigenous people and all Canadians will provide practitioners with an environment that fosters shared learning and experiences.  The session will include a pipe ceremony, blanket exercise, sharing circle, teachings and discussions.  This session will provide valuable learning and experiences for all participants.

To see the detailed event agenda and to register for the Signature Event visit: http://iap2canada.ca/event-2495853


Join P2 Practitioners at the Calgary Mixer - April 20


Don't forget to register for the upcoming Spring Mixer in Calgary on April 20 (5-7:30) at Murietta's (808-1st Street S.W.).  The event will be an opportunity for P2 practitioners to connect with others in their field as well as our board members and volunteers.


We hope to see you there!

To register for this event, visit:  http://www.iap2canada.ca/event-2497821


Learn about the Modern Brain Science of Communication - April 21

Take part in a lunch and learn at noon on April 21 in Calgary (Andrew Davidson Building, Florence Room, 122 6 Ave S.E.) to understand why emotions are stronger than logic and why you remember certain thingsbut forget others.

Advancements in modern cognitive neuroscience have enabled us to have a better look at how the human brain works.  That's having a profound impact on how we, as communications and P2 professionals can approach strategic communication through science.  Now we can develop strategies based on scientific understanding - not just best practices.  Neuroscience research focuses on the brain and its impact on our behaviour, how we think, make decisions and relate to other people.  It's one of the most exciting medical science developments for communicators to help businessesm, organizations, health care practitioners, legal and safety professionals to make decisions that relate to people and are sustainable.

To learn more about this event and to register, visit:  http://www.iap2canada.ca/event-2518998